Li-ion technology is gaining popularity in battery use. Lithium ion battery is a type of rechargeable battery in which lithium ions move from the anode to cathode during discharge and from cathode to anode when charging. Lithium batteries are popular for use in portable electronic devices and it's also gaining popularity in use for military, aerospace and electric automobile applications. There are different classes of lithium-ion batteries but most share common characteristics. These different classes use varying cathodes made of other lithium molecules. Lithium batteries offer a wide range of benefits and below are the advantages you stand to gain in using a Li-ion battery.

Low maintenance is one of the major advantages of Li-ion batteries. Unlike lead-acid batteries with water levels in need of close monitoring, lithium-ion batteries do not need to be watered.  Nickel-cadmium batteries exhibit memory effect and this is lowered by a periodic discharging.  Lithium batteries exhibit close to no memory effect. Memory effect is observed in rechargeable batteries where they lose their maximum energy capacity when they are repeatedly recharged after only being partially discharged.  New team members need not be trained on equipment monitoring as lithium batteries require low maintenance.

Lithium batteries have high energy density. Their energy density is much higher than with other rechargeable batteries.   This implies that they don't have to be big to have a high power capacity.  Electronic such as laptops and phones need to operate while still consuming power and this makes them need high energy density batteries.  High energy density provided by lithium batteries is useful for these power hungry devices.  Power tools and electric vehicles also make use of lithium batteries. The much higher power offered by Lithium Battery Power packs is a distinct advantage.  Lithium batteries can be quickly charged.  Compared to other rechargeable batteries, lithium batteries take only a fraction of the time.  Less charging time means less downtime as you wait for your machine to charge. This is especially useful in a busy facility where the less time the machine has to sit idle the better.

Lithium batteries are quite and can cost twice as much as other rechargeable batteries.  Lithium batteries are worth their cost however due to their longevity. Research has shown that they can last for more than 2500 cycles while still delivering seventy-five percent of their capacity at that time.  Longevity makes your investment worth it. Li-ion batteries also have a low self-discharge rate of about 1.5% per month.  This makes the lithium batteries have a longer shelf life. These benefits offered by lithium batteries make them superior to other rechargeable batteries. You can learn more about lithium batteries here: